We want to live more naturally, without exposure to everyday carcinogens.

Join us as we research and source healthier and sustainably made products for the home.


We'd love to help drive donations towards your non-profit organization

We've done this very effectively by donating a percentage of our sales over a 2 week period.

Instead of raising awareness for high sugar or mass marketed products, support a Canadian socially responsible business that focuses on healthier and non-toxic options for the home!

Recently, we help raise awareness and donated:

What does your non-profit organization need to do?

  • Simply inform your members that Organic Lifestyle will donate a percentage of the sales over a specific period.
                     eg., via your Newsletter, website, part of your fundraising calls etc
  • Plus, Organic Lifestyle will provide your organization a coupon code to share with your members
                     Your members can use the coupon towards their first purchase at OrganicLifestyle.com

Summary aka Everybody benefits:
  • Your organization receives a donation & awareness from new donors who are committed to # healthyliving #climatechange #nontoxic #equality # environment #wellness
  • Your members receives a discount and awareness of a Canadian socially responsible business
  • Organic Lifestyle receives new customers & partners

How is the donation amount determined?

  • The donation amount is dependent on your organization's efforts to help drive sales as well
  • We use web Analytics to track the campaign

Tax receipt
Donation can come via Organic Lifestyle directly and/or directly by making our members aware of your campaign via our Newsletter


  • To be clear, we aren't asking for an endorsement - see SAMPLE EMAIL SENT BY A NON-PROFIT:

An organic gift for you!

A few weeks back I received a call from Dihan Chandra, owner of the eco-store OrganicLifestyle.com

Impressed by our work, he offered to donate x% of his profits from purchases made between October 6 and 15, 2014. I said that’s great!

But that’s not all. Organic Lifestyle is also offering you and all of our supporters 10% off any purchase over the same time period. What could I say but - happy to pass it along!

Your coupon is below. To cash it, just head over to OrganicLifestyle.com from now until October 15, 2014 and enter the code xxxxx at checkout.

Thank you Dihan and thank you Organic Lifestyle!

And thank YOU for your ongoing support.



P.S. -- Want to know more about Organic Lifestyle? Check out this video of Dihan talking about why healthy bodies and homes are so important.

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