We want to live more naturally, without exposure to everyday carcinogens.

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Best selling Organic Shower Curtain

Shower curtains made from PVC (poly vinyl chloride) are very dangerous because the fabric includes many poisonous substances like chlorine. Chlorine creates a carcinogenic chemical called dioxin. This chemical penetrates the food chain and can be quite toxic for your health.


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also warned about the toxicity and volatility of PVC or vinyl shower curtains. A PVC product is burdened with 108 volatile organic compounds and poisonous chemicals including phthalates, mercury and dioxins. While your beautiful PVC shower curtain hangs near your shower, the poisonous gases and compounds spread in the air and stay for many days.

People and planet friendly options for a healthier bathroom:

 Points to consider when making your decision
Hemp based Shower Curtain
  • Hemp will last for years with proper care and air circulation.
  • No separate liner required.
PVC-free plastic shower curtain
  • Least cost option
  • No offgassing from PVC
Organic Cotton Shower curtain
  • Requires a liner to prevent the shower curtain from getting soaked.
  • Plastic free, pesticide-free

Organic Shower Curtain

Organic Shower Curtain

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