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Fitted Waterproof Mattress Pad - Bed Mite Resistant

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Fitted Waterproof Mattress Pad - Bed Mite Resistant


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This Eco friendly and odour free fitted mattress pad protects your mattress against:

  • Water spills (it's waterproof)
  • Bacterial growth
  • Bed mites

AND provides better sleeping conditions

  • TENCEL® feels much cooler when the temperature rises due to high moisture uptake = cool to the touch and soft on the skin
  • Compared to cotton, TENCEL® is said to absorb and release 50% more moisture = helps to alleviate skin irritation
  • Tencel is produced on a "closed-loop system" - 99% of the chemicals and solvents used in the process to break down the wood pulp are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions. The process received the European Award for the Environment from the EU
  • With less moisture buildup, bacteria and bed mites are unable to survive

How is Tencel manufactured?

  • From eucalypus pulp, grown without chemicals or pesticides
  • Tencel isn't considered organic in our eyes but it's part of our Eco product line - essentially, uses a sustainable 'greener' source of eucalyptus versus a petrochemical base like polyester

So what's eucalyptus fabric all about?

Well, its proper name is lyocell, and, good news, it's definitely a greener version of rayon, processed with gentler solvents in a 99.6 per cent closed-loop system. The Tencel brand of lyocell is the greenest of all, made with Euro Forest Stewardship Council Certified pulp, so the eucalyptus sourced has a pretty sound reputation - from Ecoholic

    • To produce Tencel fabric from eucalypus pulp they use a solvent (amine oxide) that is 99% recycled via closed loop process
    • Then use group hidroxyl with vapour air (ie., no solvent) in the dyeing & lamination process
    • Has been tested and accepted by OekoTex

Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified



The total amount of polyurethane for waterproofing is about 2% of the product. The polyurethane is essentially an ultra- thin layer inside the pad, just enough to make it waterproof, although it is not visible when examining the pad. Although this product is not certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard), GOTS does allow up to 5% polyurethane in accessories. 

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable - delicate cycle in cold water, tumble dry at fresh or warm air.
  • Thinner than typical mattress and pillow covers on the market, Tencel needs less water and dries in just a few minutes, providing you with a substantial energy savings.

Fits Mattress dimensions

  • Crib- 28"x53"x7"
  • Twin- 39"x75"x 17" deep
  • Double- 54"x75"x17" deep
  • Queen- 60"x80"x17" deep
  • King 76"x80"x17" deep

It's approximately 1/4" thick (as thin as your typical fitted sheet)

Made in Canada

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