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Virtual Organic Mattress Video demonstration

Given the number of people who cannot visit our Toronto location, we thought we'd try to give you a virtual mattress demonstration.


BTW if you're uncertain about why you should consider an organic mattress, please start with this article.


The first video gives an Overview of the Organic Lifestyle exclusive mattresses - these are certified organic and made in Canada. Available from crib to king size.
We asked 2 friends, Tash and Megan, to give us their perspective. These are their own candid opinions and we hope you get a sense and comfort level of the quality of these products to allow you to make an informed decision.
Megan's take on Natural Rubber Mattress
Megan's take on the Innerspring Mattress
Recommendation: Since the innerspring mattress is too firm for Megan, we recommend she sticks with the rubber mattress.
 Tash's take on the Mattress and Topper combination
Recommendation: Since the innerspring is generally more firm than the medium rubber mattress, we'd recommend mattress and topper combination to provide the "cloud-like" feel.
This next video talks about the other mattress we carry - Naturepedic - these mattress provide waterproof option using a food grade plastic (so less VOCs compared to conventional plastic) and made in USA.
We've complied a chart comparing the 3 different types of mattresses we carry. This will allow you to make your decision based on allergies, pricing, waterproofing concerns.
Discussion on Pricing consideration
 Keep in mind, all mattresses are made to order, so there is an approx 3-4 week turnaround. Our price includes residential shipping.
If you'd describe yourself as someone who'd like "Semi-firm" mattress - you probably like the medium firm rubber mattress, similar to Megan.
If you like "firm-extra" or "supportive", you have 2 options - innerspring or the extra-firm rubber mattress (extra firm was not demo'd in videos but firmness is very similar to innerspring according to our average customer)
If you like "sleeping on a cloud" - we'd suggest either rubber or innerspring mattress but with a wool topper or pillowtop, like Tash.
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